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Bitinix - Electroneum

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Bitinix - Electroneum

Bitinix will never ask for private keys
relating to your crypto wallets

Bitinix - Electroneum

Type a new miner username above.

Email confirmation required.

Bitinix - Electroneum


Combine the resources of your Computers & Mobiles
Use the HOST option to enter your
Miner Name and set it to run in
the background using chrome

Bitinix - Electroneum

Bitinix - Electroneum

Bitinix Scheduler
Available from 25th March 2018

Schedule has been disabled

Software is in Beta Testing

Bitinix - Electroneum

Bitinix: Electroneum Crypto Miner
Get Started
1. Register your email & password.
2. Confirm your email address.
3. Check your email and click the link.
4. Login and create a unique username.

Congratulations. Time to Mine.

Tip:  Soon you can give your username to family/friends for them to use
the host menu & mine to your account

Note:  Bitinix is being developed & improved everyday. Currently 'host' & 'scheduler' are not available. See development list below.
How much of idle process power you want to use.

How many occurrences of the miner you want to run at the same time

On / Off
Switch mining on & off.
When running from chrome extensions the miner will continue to run when the window is closed

You are paid per share you find

The rate varies per hour depending on how many coins where found.

Withdrawals are now live

You need at least 2 ETN to request a withdrawal
Plus 0.1 transfer cost
Withdrawals are made daily
You are emailed with the withdraw information when completed
You can give your username to family/friends for them to use the host menu & mine to your account


*Bitinix only require a deposit address
and will never ask for any other wallet information

Safe Secure site
Easy signup & login
Large Pool
Mine in minutes
Chrome background mining
Regular withdraws
Mine to user account.
No wallet needed
Development List
Host: Share mining to one account
Schedule: Auto mining between times
Multiple language support
add other crypto currencies
Mining App PC Tablet Linux Windows
Zero cost transfers between users
Mail between users
Buy/Sell Crytos other cryptos/cash
Payment gateway
Account QR Codes
Account Name Server
support and advice
Join our
Facebook Group
Please Note:
PC Mining can be intensive
on your CPU.

Mine within your CPU limits

Bitinix - Electroneum

Bitinix - Electroneum